Would you be willing to share your thoughts on Respite for Caregivers?


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We have been advocating for Caregivers since 1996, as a result the  Defender Of Caregivers has been invited to participate in many different attempts o serve both Professional and Personal Family Caregivers.

The benefits of Caregiver Respite are undeniable for all parties concerned; the Resident/Patient; The Personal/Family Caregiver and the Professional Caregiver/Organization all benefit from increased Awareness of Caregiver Respite.

Here at Defender Of Caregivers we have been asked to create an environment where we can match participating Professional Caregiver Organizations/Providers and interested Personal/Family Caregivers to offer FREE Caregiver Respite Grants for a one-week stay.

The attached brief survey is intended to gauge interest at both the Professional and Personal level.  In order to keep the survey brief the required fields are kept to a minimum.  Please consider indicating if you are a Professional Caregiver/Organization interested in providing Respite Services or a Personal/Family Caregiver interested in receiving a grant.

Your information will not be shared; you might be contacted via email to further determine if this program may benefit you or Others!

Thank YOU for Caring!

Defender Of Caregivers

Caregiver Respite Awareness Survey

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